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Rollcall: because "blogroll" was too cliche.

You like wacky and weird websites? Like to learn? Want to find tools you didn't know you needed? Well, good, because here's a great big deal of pages it's important to know about.

(Also, if it's worth anything, my first website was a shitty collection of links on a Jimdo page because the soykaf browser on my old Nook 1st gen couldn't handle more than five bookmarks. So it's like we've come full circle.)



Web Design

Note: not to be confused with the Weirdiverse.

(You're not a fictional character. Your soul from a past life is not from a place that is a fictional universe in this life. It's okay to pretend sometimes, whether for fun or as a temporary coping mechanism, but it's not okay to become so dislocated from reality that you lose your sense of self in the process. It may have been a past life, but you're living this life now, and you'll accomplish nothing if you're always pining for the past.)

Beyond Facebook, beyond social media. Where will you and I talk? Where will you and I meet, beyond the grave, in the place where there is no darkness?

Exactly what it says on the tin: places to get files. May or may not be legal in your area; be sure to use TOR or similar when downloading!


Gopher is what many would consider the predecessor of the internet. An incredibly simple hypertext protocol centered around plain text content, despite being almost completely overtaken by HTTP, it has retained a small yet dedicated community over the decades. These are Gopher sites that are frequently updated. For the sake of leveling the difficulty curve, these have been linked to with's Gopher-to-HTTP proxy.

Git Projects
Cool programs! Not here for any other reason. Just because they're cool.