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Starting the first few weeks of September 2018, I've taken up a side-hobby of sketching random stuff. Not a lot of the original sketches are on here, either due to being poor quality or not something I want to be associated with anymore, but I've got a Catbox album where you can see everything that used to be here.


St. Ikky


Concept art for St. Ikky, for my next book, The Viridian Shipping Company.


red orb


Seliph, the creator god of the universe in the next book I'm working on, past The Viridian Shipping Company.


red orb typing om blue laptop


Seliph using a laptop.


fallen from grace


Seliph's fall from grace, resulting in the Shattering and the creation of Kadaj, Rinea, and Lucine.


Mori ascending   Mori crouching


Mori. The first of the first, the last of the last, forever far away from the fields we used to call home.

Or, in less flowery language, I used to be in a FE roleplay group on Facebook back when I bothered with Facebook. It was pretty cringey, and Mori got little use there since the rules for what was and wasn't acceptable were pretty damn strict. But Mori is liberated now, free to be herself without caring what some company half the world away wants to paint reality as.



Liv, from my book Living Wasteland, dressed in her Providence clothes. you know she had to do it to 'em

Mediuth with sword


Mediuth, from a short story I wrote a few weeks ago titled "medusa must live". Of course, at that point in the story, she doesn't have her sword yet. As the Pantheon describes her: "the distorted mirror of humanity's purest state, and yet poisoned in her very soul."