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Last updated: 1-13-2019

My name is Vane Cassia Vander. Chances are, if you know me anywhere outside of this website, you probably also know me by a different name: Seliph, Mediuth, Mori... Going back farther, you might have known me by Ikky or Kadaj, and going back even farther, by Light, Serah, or G.

Throughout our lives, we have a tendency to identify ourselves with external causes. The people we spend our affections on, the things we spend our money on, the appearances we spend hours after hours doting after. All so that we can get external validation from our peers, which in turn makes us happy, which makes us do more and more of what our peers approve of instead of what we approve of- a truly vicious cycle, especially when that validation fails and leaves us with ultimately nothing.

MayVaneDay is a one-man show. Despite appearances, there is no we here, only an I.

So who am I?

Excluding external factors, I am an artist. I write books. I make art sometimes. I am a free software advocate, an iconoclast, and a fierce individualist. I spend my days writing, coding, and generally being angry at the System.

So you have my welcome, and I hope you find something valuable to take with you when you leave.